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Who are Talibés?
Talibés are children between 4 and 14, given by their parents – usually farmers with no means of support – to the Marabús, the Koranic school’s teachers. In the past, this practice – deeply rooted in the culture of Senegal and Guinea Bissau – allowed many children to have the opportunity to go to school and to have a decent life.

Long ago, the daaras, the Koranic schools, were in the countryside and they combined education with seasonal crops. They were economically independent and they offered a decent existence to Talibés. But, nowadays the situation has radically changed. The daaras have moved to the cities, they don’t cultivate the land any more; and the marabús, before concerned about children’s welfare, now enslave them and force them to beggin the street.

According to the Human’s rights Watch, there are more than 50.000 Talibés begging in the cities’ streets of Senegal and Guinea Bissau. They are exposed to many dangers, suffer physical and psychological damages, they are victims of sexual abuse and they are not integrated in the country’s education system.

[Attached Document: Human Rights Watch Inform]

Talibé's suffer...

Begging is the symbol of extreme poverty: it cancels any possibility of future, it degrades people practicing it and it involves a survival economy, unable to offer a dignified present.

Talibés are forced by their teachers to beg, for those who should ensure their welfare, who use the money raised by the children for their own profit.

Atrocities are committed against Talibés by some marabús, they abuse them physically and psychologically, almost all of them nowadays.

Talibés are socially excluded. Trauma, physical and psychological and the lack of education lead to social exclusion most of the Talibés, who have no professional and personal future.

Perpetuation of an undesirable social model
A childhood based on begging, abuse and non-normative teaching generates a social loop. Talibés of our times will be the marabús of the future and, consequently, the problem will helplessly be repeated.



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